In the vast land of Africa, the antelopes run when the sun rises, or they will be eaten by the lions; while the lions also needs to run when the sun rises, or they will starve to death. It doesn’t matter if you are a lion or an antelope, what matters is that you need to run as fast as you can when the sun rises. When the sun rises, African antelopes have to run hard,otherwise, they would be eaten by lions;Lions also have to run to catch up with the slowest antelopes,otherwise, they would starve to death. It’s not important whether you are a Lion or an antelope, but you run hard when the sun rises.
Development Philosophy
Practice Rules

Practice Rules -澳门太阳城77139

Modesty, patience, carefulness.
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    Build to last and lead the industry.
  • Mission
    Serve customers and help the staff succeed. Pay back to the shareholders and contribute to the society
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    Core Value
    Responsibility, integrity, competition and cooperation, innovation